Earth and Air

My mandala was created to depict the two elements of Earth and Air. My idea was to create something that would resemble an abstract expression of nature. The composition is supposed to be getting bigger as you move higher through the image, to illustrate the way everything comes from the earth.



Elements of a Mandala

The purpose of the Mandala was to use geometry and the use of the four elements. I decided I wanted my geometry to be seen and use it to enhance my design. I wanted something that felt similar to stained glass and felt the geometry in bold black would be perfect to help that detail. The elements I chose are fire and water I wanted to show the clash between the elements as well as the colors.http:/cook_holly_mandala

Ying and Yang

Life and Death is the balance that shapes us

Light and Darkness is the same balance that creates us

The world is seen black and white without trust

Hopefully once and for all, we may eliminate all this fuss

Fire, Ice, what the difference?

There was good then there was evil ever since

Circle of life, or known as cycle of life

One day, until our end, Death will reap us with his scythe