Culture Shock by Sarah Harris

This project I created was for my Art 201 course, Computer graphics. My video revolves around the word Culture. With this keyword many other things came to mind besides of the generic thoughts like: peace, love, together, diversity etc. With this journey in my mind of the word Culture, I took more of a humorous approach to create my project. Resulting in a video that ties together culture and the unexplainable.



When creating my dynamic composition I had to recreate a work of art using just rectangles, able to change their size and color made it easer to recreate to painting. The reason why I worked on this project was to get a better understanding of how to manipulate objects in this piece. Lastly I think this a great starter project when working in photo shop or illustrator.

Dynamic Composition

the poetDuring this dynamic composition exercise, it was slightly challenging due to my first time actually using adobe illustrator on a Mac. My final product was okay for a first time. This project really gave me a sense of the class and how much more technology tricks I will soon learn about. I plan on improving my work in this class and mastering all the new techniques that I will soon learn.

Dynamic Composition – Draft

Dynamic_CompOne of the first assignments worked on. It was very interesting to learn how to use Adobe illustrator. (Ai) allowed me to learn how to properly scale, and color rectangles in order to carry out the proper lengths and widths to cover the artists original work. This experience helped me to become familiar with with adobe illustrator.


Test Post: Dynamic Composition


While working on this project, I knew Adobe Illustrator already and knew most of the tools so it wasn’t difficult for me. I had to relearn the tools though since it’s been two years since I last used Illustrator. Relearning to use the tools wasn’t that hard since I’ve recently started using Photoshop for some work I do at home. Learning the hotkeys wasn’t that hard either. What I can say that I truly learn during this project is that even just using a plain shape like quadrilaterals, you can make something that actually look like something.