I did put a lot of effort on this work and it was really fun doing it XD!!!!

The way of drawing with letters only is so inspiring for me that I suddenly was able to see from different aspects to try to make the piece special and impressive. For instance, it is easily to assume that most people can be led by “black birds” to draw on a white background; however beginning with a completely different background will definitely make the audience think. Not to mention that I did want to give my black bird a brand new meaning, in a positive impression. I considered a lot about the connection between this work too and finally decided to go with the following way.


blackbird_template copy

I AM a little bit proud :P of the black bird I created (based on the image of a phoenix ///w///) and seriously speaking, I used nothing else for it but “i”s. It in fact came out itself, that all I was doing was just “option and drag”, then I saw the shape of its left wing surprisingly OvO. (hurry up check out my profile picture XD it has become my sign~~~~!!!!)

If anyone finds the “man” even only a little bit funny, plz tell me (lol) which would encourage me a lot. Since this design happened bcz I was not that confident about the face of the man and improved the body with this tricky way.

What I want to say most is that this project does open my eyes a lot for the possibilities of ART.

Also as for the technologies I learnt about AI are extremely useful.

                LAYERS are very very important!!!!

                As we all know that we need to make the letter an “object” first, I am pretty good at it already I think as each of us does for numberless repetition of this step. (Similar as “group/ungroup”)

                NOT to use that little botton until the very last or else you will get plenty of strange shapes OvO. (hope there’s anybody understands what I’m saying)

It is just really a pity that I couldn’t be there during critiques TAT!!!!

Blackbird by Gimcheng Long


After reading the poem for Blackbird I had many things run through my mind. Seeing the mountain in the eyes of a bird, or the three birds and the people during day and night with the feeling of the change of seasons. It feels as though I was able to picture every stanza in my own way. Using nothing but words to describe what was seen both in the poem and in this picture.