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I wanted to illustrate the corruption present in present day athletics.

Ecology-Global Warming

I don’t know why slideshare does this, but it made the presentation longer than 60 secs, but i was able to embedded the music into the presentation.

there a tab where you edit your presentation on slideshare called slidecast, where you can upload a mp3 file, and then it allows you to embedded the piece to certain slide but I was not able to figure out to shorten the audio piece the each slide, maybe if i find a tutorial or play around more I’ll be able to do so.


A a brief representation relating to my personal view of the word “Game”. The boy’s life is influenced in many ways such as: fantasy, sense of escape, two-life scenario, and change.

*You may have to do a lot of clicking; it’s quite a good work out =]*


 have no fear!  no more clicking for u guys!!!

Dynamic Composition of a Car

Original Image:

I wanted to illustrate something a bit more complicated and complex. After searching for a little bit, I found thus car and I tried to see shapes instead of a car to create the composition. After frustrating a little bit, I realized it does not have to look exactly like the original but an original piece.