Scanograms Exquisite Corpse

My number was #9, the main image I scanned was my pink mp3 player and headphones/blue key chain. The game we played in class was round robin, and the people in class added the rest of the images that they thought would relate to my headphones. All of this took place in Photoshop and each person could only see a certain layer.


Project 3: Self-Portrait (Fire)

My element that I chose is Fire. I chose fire because I may look like a quiet person but in the inside I have a deep dark temper. The metaphor is that there is a metamorphosis of horns and flames(a type of feeling of rage on the inside). The main type of tools I used was the twirl tool and the pen tool.

Project 3: Self Portrait (Air)

Here is my self portrait for project 3. I chose the element of air because air is an excellent medium for sound, however a lack of air can suffocate you. The metaphor is that I have so many large ideas floating around in my head, yet I am too soft spoken to express them.

I used the arc tool throughout the entire piece, with a charcoal brush type. The image of my face is a Live Trace done in Illustrator and the text was applied to paths I made using the Pen tool. The background is a simple radial gradient from an off-white to a gray/blue color. Finally, to give the strokes a more wispy feel, I duplicated them all and put a gaussian blur on the copied strokes.

Hope you like it!