Here is my grid. I just used the transform tool. pretty much it. Represents my honest and untidy life.



So on the here is the original file I had to work with, after many hours of working on this monstrosity with a rather finicky Kodak point-n-shoot, a small horde of costume wigs, and a marbled wall.

And down here is the finished project, with involved a silky brocade (which likes to fray… a LOT), pinking sheers, two types of printer paper, colorful sewing pins, and quite a bit of gaffers tape.

Project 5

For project 5, I decided to do a self-portrait. The meaning behind the portrait is to express a strong yet funny person at heart. The program behind this creation would be the use of Photoshop, and using the image to also reflect symmetry. The pictures are also broke up into a nine grid panel to show the different variations of the face.

Project 5

This is my submission for project 5 based on a 9 part grid. It is a loosely biographical work created with images I have personally taken throughout my travels. I find that the contrast between black & white and color, and closed and open doors creates a surreal, interesting piece. A lot of post processing work went into this and I am very pleased with how both the digital and physical prints turned out.