Chapter 1 Dynamic Composition Image.

Creating dynamic is a longer process than what I excepted. And it took me a little more time to create different shapes and different rectangles and colors. However this is a interesting project I have done for the first class.


Chp 1 Dynamic Rectangle Image

This image took longer to make than I had originally anticipated. Just as people posting before me stated, I used a multitude of rectangles and colors. I decided to use colors which were not part of the original painting because I felt that it would help to differentiate my abstraction from others of the same nature. With this being my first time using Adobe Illustrator I was able to figure my way around the controls and functions of the program with relative ease. Overall, I am satisfied with final product of my abstraction.

-Will Henrich-

Chapter 1 Rectangles

Creating the picture was a long process. Each feature was key in achieving the shape I wanted, whether it was making the outline or rotating and aligning each piece of the rectangles. Trying to arrange each rectangle in hopes of recreating the picture was a little bit repetitive but overall, I’m satisfied with the results that I have.

Chapter 1 Dynamic Rectangle Image

The process of creating this image was much longer than expected.  I chose very many rectangles as an attempt to mimick the details in the shape and color of the painting.  As I progressed through the image, I learned different functions of Illustrator which made the action of adding rectangles much simpler.  I didn’t find many colors to choose from, that’s why there are stark differences in the color transition. 

I chose to keep the face as one solid color because I feel like it represented the image in a better way than adding more rectangles.  I feel it was successful in mimicking the image for my first attempt using Illustrator.

-Patrick R.