13 Ways of Looking at Blackbirds

I thought this was a very hard project.  At first I had trouble coming up with designs for each stanza of the poem and it became very frustrating.  It became much easier when I began just putting designs down.  When I got a feeling from the work I moved them to the parts of the poem they fit best.  I must have created at least 30 different blocks that didn’t work.  I do like the final outcome though.


Blackbird Module Assignment

This is my vector illustration of the poem, “13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”.  I like most of the blocks I created which a few exceptions because they started to hone in on what exactly the project was supposed to accomplish.  I used a mix of symbolism, illustration, and abstract figures to conceptualize the poem’s metaphors and I like the result.


This is my first project on Keynote. The keyword given to me was “ecology”.  I used keynote to express the importance of keeping up with ecology and not abusing nor taking it for granted. I would change some of the  graphics such as the smiley faces in one of the slides. The reason i would change it is because the smiley faces were placed in there to show emotion, but in some slides the emotion is already portrayed enough, so t looks like a clutter. Other than that, I think the project was fine and I hope you enjoy it!