Dynamic Composition

This image is a copy of a digital design of Egon Schiele’s artwork titled “The Poet”, 1911.
As I created the image, I began to learn how the computer can be of benefit to an artist.  I chose this particular order of creation because I wanted to first learn how to make rectangles and to change their shape, angles, and application of color.  The image is a vector graphic.  I believe that I can now look at a painting while using this program, make a new image, and send it to someone.


Test Post












I started the process by creating the rectangles that formed the head and then worked my way downward to the bottom of the image.  There are 23 rectangles that make up the image and I chose the colors that I felt would most resemble the dull and dark colors of the original image.  The nose and the mouth shapes were added on last because I decided last minute to depict the facial expression from the original image.