Project 6 – The Never Ending Story

This is the final complication of the semester in book form. It takes all of over final projects and compiles them for everyone to see. It is really nice way to share your accomplishments.


Craig Valvano – Variations

This project was completed in photoshop and mounted on Museum mat board. Materials used were glossy photo paper, mat board, foamcore and two aluminum yardsticks. The images are of figures I have built and painted and the tools that bring them to life.

Project 5

Using a imagine and formatting it  into a non-distorted grid and a non-distorted imagine, creating layers and using different Hue’s to create many different color affects which help me express my imagine more in detailed. This project was inspired by Andy Warhol.

Project 5| Va®!@+|Ø^$

I made this project using Adobe Photoshop. I compiled different pictures of Usain Bolt from google and incorporated them into one main picture. I expressed his legs and arms because being the world’s fastest man you need strong arms and legs. I also decided to add the Hermes wings because he is looked upon as God in his native country. Finally I decided to give him a metal head and terminator eyes because he is a unstoppable running machine and many are afraid to run against him.