My Dynamic Composition….simply like lemonade


This is my dynamic composition and originally I view Cubism as a breakdown of forms. The ability to make a picture simplistic and break the forms of the original picture into simple color squares and rectangles with a few color splotches. I call it Simply because of the idea behind the creation, and what is more simple then lemonade… lemons, water, and sugar.


Dynamic Composition

I chose this particular image to do the exercise with because it was an image that i had an instinctive feeling about. So when doing this i initially did my best to recreate what i saw with the squares. i tried recreate the colors at bet as i could. then then i was done i realized that it was band and was missing something and realized the face had different colors in it that my piece did not have. so i went back over it and added solid blocks of color around the face to represent that coloration in the face and then my piece was a bit more vibrant.