Chapter 5 Exercises

The above picture was my first exercise, using gray scale and colors. The bottom set of squares is the gray scale for the color of the square above it.

This exercise shows a color in the center of two squares, where you have to decide which square is on the top and which is on the bottom, creating the center color.

This was my last exercise for this chapter.  Do you think the center color in both squares is the same?  You guessed it! it is the same color in the center, but the colors of each square can make it look different.


Paul’s Not So Figure-Grounded Vector Gravatar

This is a terrible vector gravatar.
Pea Kae in the hizzouse.

For this gravatar exercise, the requirement was to make two characters of your initials into abstractions, creating an interesting figure-ground relationship. I began with a very rough sketch which had the letters generally as they are in the adjacent image. Choosing the typeface of the image was a relatively simple process, then placing the letters in the rotated positions, forming an illusion of a crest or simply an arrow pointing down.