Multiples: Creating Tension

Finally, figured it out.


Chapter 13 Exercises: Unity on the Grid

Here is my first experience using InDesign. I’ve been waiting all semester to try this! It was fun putting this exercise together, placing the text and changing the colors. I found InDesign to be a lot like Illustrator so it wasn’t so difficult at first. One bump in the road was finding a compatible font to use when I transferred the files from my home PC to the MAC lab in our classroom. With Professor Cromar’s help, I found that saving the file in a different format (in IDML format) allows the tranfer of files between computers using different versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite. (Ho-Hum, I’m not finding this true with the exercises in the next chapter.)

Chapter 13 and 14: Final Exercises from DF Wiki

These exercises from Chapter 13 and 14 were very helpful and useful to me because, I learned on how to create images that were both appealing and digitally intricate. The Dada exercise really caught my attention because I always wanted to know how do magazine editors made their magazines both artistically and entertaining to read. And now, I know how they do it! Although, I have to say that I will definitely use these techniques very often in the near future because I will never know whether I have to present something creative, and grab the audience’s attention. Lesson and technique learned!