Wallace Stevens response

I feel his poems relate somewhat to the Dadaist movement. He bases his poems from his imagination trying to purposely untie these thoughts to the real world just as Dada finds the things of the modern world as meaningless. Dada art, in a sense, does not want to be tied down to the things of the real world where it’s focus can’t be directly pinpointed to a real world idea or inspiration. Personally, I find it very hard to follow his poems. But I guess he somewhat achieves the Dadaist goal because to me the words and poems become meaningless.


Wallace Stevens

“Imagination” is not equivalent to consciousness nor is “reality” equivalent to the world as it exists outside our minds. Reality is the product of the imagination as it shapes the world. Because it is constantly changing as we attempt to find imaginatively satisfying ways to perceive the world, reality is an activity, not a static object. We approach reality with a piecemeal understanding, putting together parts of the world in an attempt to make it seem coherent.—-Wallace Stevens

My hunch is that he looks at the world without advanced complexity he tells us that reality is how we shape it. What we do comes from our subconscious and we blend our consciousness, life experiences and the frame of our society to be the answer to our reality. Reality is to an extent subjective because everyone’s reality will be different. We look at ourselves as riddles which is why we have scholars, anthropologists, artists, religion, scientists because people want to conceive our reality. Our reality is what makes us what we are and why are we given certain talents? Why we don’t look the same? Why everyone’s personality is different. Our life frames our imagination by asking ourselves questions.