After adding Anthony’s and Khan’s image as a hologram by playing with their opacity on top of my own image, I saw some type of scary looking smiling alien face with 3 heads.

So, I searched the web for images of smiling alien faces to incorporate into my own image. One 3 headed smiling alien and a scary alien.


Olivia Santoro Exquisite Corpse


For the exquisite corpse project we had to create a figure with anything we carried in our pockets. For my figure I dismantled my car key chain. I was fortunate enough to have a keychain of a mask which I used to create the eyes of my person and everything else quickly came together to form something very unique, but yet still representing a creature.

We had to hide partial of our scanagrams and then give them to two other classmates to create something original. I chose to only show only about half of my mask keychain, and part of the mouth. After passing my altered scanagram to two other classmates I received my new file and was surprised to see what had become of my figure.

I appreciated this project because it was a lot less intense than the three previous projects. Also we got to work with our classmates, and create something entirely different and unexpected. After receiving my new exquisite corpse I adjusted the color, style, and opacity and created a picture that I am satisfied with.

Exqusite Corpse Before & After





This is my Exqusite Corpse before and after. The “before” picture is my hand transformed into a person by using a coin as the head and a key as an arm. When given to my colleague, they apparently saw a two brains, some horns, and a bird. When seeing this “new” image created by my colleague for the first time, I was shocked. Having looked at it for about 15 minutes, I was still beside myself as to why or how someone visualized what they did. After making some adjustments and tinkering with the photo for a bit, I was able to come up with somewhat of a solution to the interesting recreation I had received. Enjoy!


Exqusite Corpse and Exqusite Corpse Remix

I’m currently taking two art classes and ironically we just learned about exquisite corpses. I was excited I will be able to compose my own. When i found out we would exchange corpses with fellow classmates i began to wonder if our corpses would still look like beings or random things mashed together. I loved the corpse i composed it looked like a man jumping for joy i couldn’t wait to see how my classmates would change the corpse. When i got my corpse back I was some what disappointed,there is a random tree in the corpse and I don’t see how it goes with anything else in the photo. This random tree just throws the whole photo off in my opinion…

Project 4: Beautiful Exquisite Corpse



I really enjoyed this project!! I believe that it was the most relaxing and interesting project yet! I liked the freedom that we had in creating what we wanted without any technical guidelines. For my original image, I scanned my key chain and a vaules card from “Ollies Army” bargain store. After my classmates added pictures to it, I changed the opacity and saturation of the colors to give it the effect of the image glowing in the dark. The image behind the car may look like the background of a city, but it’s actually the inside of the bargain store!

Anthropomorphic Allegory

For my allegory I used the element water. I used the gradient of the water colors to bring out the depth of the ocean and used many tools, like the wrinkle tool, bloat tool, twirl tool, and etc. For the face I applied on what I learned from the my exercises on angles and shapes to create the face.