Landline Leporello

Landline Leporello

For my leporello project, I wanted to experiment with a landscape I have been working on. The actual drawing is 8×50 inches and is meant to be enjoyed as a scroll or a poster, but I have been convinced that the leporello/accordion format combines the flexibility of a scroll with the convenience of a book, and this project seemed like the perfect opportunity to experiment with this format.

I was not disappointed. In its accordion form, the landscape was split into “pages” which allowed the viewer to take in segments of the drawing without being distracted by the rest of the piece. It allowed for more intimacy and scrutiny and overall changed the pace of the experience of the drawing as a whole. To demonstrate, in addition to a scaled down visual “summary” of the whole landscape, I’m including “snapshots” of different portions of the piece to demonstrate the effect of seeing the drawing in smaller units.

This particular project allowed me to apply my traditional work to our new media course. I consider the final project to be a digital mixed media collage and I am thrilled to have found a new appreciation and connection between traditional media and new media. I anticipate many future projects put together in this fashion.




I chose the use of dragons for this because I really like dragons and I thought it best represents my Chinese side that I want to recollect on because of what my parents went through during the Khmer Rouge, I do not know anything about China or even where exactly in China my family is from. The most that I know is how to speak it, which is Cantonese. I got this idea from something I did in my Art 122Y class where we were suppose to make our own work that describes “Where are you from? Where do you belong? Where do you long to be?”.

I started taping from the corners, moving on to the sides, and moving in to the center later to fill up the cracks with a lot of different shapes instead of just all one shape.

[Edit]Now that I think more about it, the fragmented images actually seems like broken shards of glass that’s trying to find its right place.

Idea for this project came from this image of “Place”

Olivia Santoro Variations

For Project five I decided to take pictures of my three different dogs (all pugs) and combine the three dogs into one dog head. I had to take a lot of close up pictures in order to complete this final picture. I decided to focus this project on my dogs, because they’re a big part of my life. I enjoyed taking the pictures of my dogs and combining them together to create a funny version of the three dogs. I used a lot of transparency, filters, color enhancements, contrast and brightness. I enjoyed learning how to use Photoshop better, and learn how to manipulate pictures in order to make them blend and look the way I imagined them to.

Project 5

this was my favorite project i did this semester. I love how i was able to take my own photo pictures instead of using assigned photos or photos from Google. During this project i was able to think more freely about the concept with my collage idea instead of following strict guide lines. I also felt the need to incorporate colors and spring time. The other projects lacked a lot of color

Project 5: Interchangeable Friends


For this project, I chose to use my friends’ pictures to collage their facial features. But the twist is, I switched up everyone’s features! My friends are a huge part of my life and everything I do I look at them for comfort and support. All of my friends personality makes up my personality because we are so much a like but at the same time so different. Metaphorically, we are all one so why not share all the same facial features!! On that closing note, I had a blast doing this project, it’s my favorite!

Project 5

With this project I tried to compile a figure composed of various things that I’m a fan of or make me who I am:
>The figure’s left arm is taken from the main character of one of my favorite Webcomics, “Life and Death” by Jonathan “Joff” Oliver. I actually took the arm and hand from two different strips to create the effect I was looking for. (Sources: [the arm, taken from the third panel] and [the hand, taken from the third panel])

>The right arm is taken from an image of the hero of the “Halo” video game series, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117. (Source:

>The hat is a vintage Boy Scout uniform hat, which I included because I am a former member of the Boy Scouts, which played a large role in making me who I am. (source: the hat on the right)

>The shirt (apart from the blue symbol on the shoulder, I’m getting to that) is from the merchandise of an online series called “Red vs Blue,” which is a Machinima using the Halo games. For those of you that don’t know (most, I should think) a “machinima” is a film created by recording the gameplay from a Video Game and adding voices. Red vs Blue was actually one of the major contributors to bringing this format to the mainstream and it is extremely entertaining. (Source:

>The symbol on the shoulder of the shirt is one of the faction symbols from an old RTS (Real Time Strategy) game called Total Annihilation. It was a very good game and it was on of the first games I ever played. The symbol I used was that of the faction called “the Arm” (it makes sense in context, I swear) which was considered the “good” side of the conflict. (Source:

>Darth Vader’s helmet is, of course, Darth Vader’s helmet and it’s there because I’m a big fan of Star Wars and Sci-Fi in general. I can’t track down the original source, but it’s just a matter of putting the right “Vader”-related search into Google Images. So I guess just “credit goes to George Lucas” will have to suffice.

> The strange symbol on the right is an ambigram of the last three characters of my online persona’s name, “ProjectXa3”. I just doodled it one day in 11th grade because a physics assignment involved making an ambigram of a “fifth element” to go with the other four because we were reading Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” because it dealt with antimatter and fundamental states of matter and energy as part of the plot. Source:

>The small tank on the right shoulder is the mascot of, a site that I’m a big fan and a member of. It allows absolutely anyone to submit their own art, audio, and Flash games and animations, which can all be rated, reviewed, and favorited by other users. A big part of what I like about it is that it’s a TRULY free membership site, rather than one of those free-but-we-need-your-credit-card-anyway sites. Source:

>The orange-stripe pattern in the background is also from this site, and is almost as iconic of it as the tank itself. Source:

>The yellow figure on the left is a character I created within the Halo-based Red vs Blue universe. I use that model for the multiplayer modes in the game, and I currently have several ideas for stories to use him in. I got his picture from the “Halo Waypoint” site, but unless I’m logged into the Microsoft Live system it won’t display my character so putting a usable reference is somewhat difficult. In any case, the base link is

>The land-form background is the iconic image of the Halo series’ titular ring-world stretching up into the distance combined with the default Windows XP desktop. There were clouds and blue sky to either side of the ring itself but I cut them out so that the NG sunrise backdrop could be seen without having it in front of or seen through the rest of the image. Source: