The neverending story


Olivia Santoro The Never Ending Story

For project six we had to incorporate all of our projects in order to create one final project. I really appreciated creating project six because I got to really personalize the project. Since my major is Criminal Justice I decided to make project six my desk as if I was a detective, and you were looking down at my desk. I incorporated all my projects, and I am very satisfied with the way it turned out. It took alot of time to compose, but in the long run it was worth it. I enjoyed working in Indesign for the first time, and had no difficulties adjusting to the new program. I used a lot of images that I found on google to create my project, which I have provided the links I found all of my pictures.


Project 6

The layout for project 6 feels a bit separated. In the first half I have the video screenshot and the exquisite corpse along with a piece of my black bird project. Second half, I got the remaining piece of the black bird project along with my project 5 and 3. I placed the robotic/computer art projects together in order to make the end of the layout more interesting. My anthropomorphic project is place at the end in order to lead the viewer to turn around and look the previous artworks again. My project 5 binary sequence background was used throughout the layout in order to unify or blend project 5 among the others. Overall, I like it.