After seeing the pictures and dismantling video of the mandala made on abington campus I think they are pretty cool. The way the set up the mandala with using just a straightedge and a compass I thought was unique. I thought it was unique because since the future is here artist and people tend to use today’s technology and to see someone use the old method was like a breathe of fresh air. I liked how Venerable Losang Samten set up the elements and how he let people get involved in the process of making and dismantling the mandala. I also thought it was cool how he blessed it and pour the sand from the urn into the pond. I think that gave a sense of his home ad believe to everyone who witnessed it. After visiting his webpage I was inspired by how he traveled to spread his knowledge and technique to the western world. His mandalas are beautiful. I was a great experience for me just by looking at his webpage, pictures, and videos and seeing his astonishing works.


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