Exquisite Corpse

For the exquisite corpse project, we were asked to bring in items to put on the scanner and create a composition.  Then, with the help of a few of our classmates, they made a collage out of certain images they could see in the original composition.  After the collage was done, the piece was given back to the original owner and was then remixed.

Original Image:



Exquisite Corpse

For this assignment, we created an original image based on items we brought to class.  We scanned the image into PhotoShop and then exchanged images with classmates based on numbers we were randomly assigned in order to make a collage of sorts.

This is my original image:

This is the final image based off of my original image as well as the images of two other classmates:




For my mandala, I created a piece based on Earth. I feel I relate best to Earth because I like to have peace in my life, and nature to me is extremely peaceful. I also really appreciate the beauty earth provides for us, such as trees, grass, leaves, birds, the sun, etc.





For my mandala I used the element water. I decided to go with the colors of blue and green because they blended well together. They also give a calmness like a flow of a small river. At first I didn’t intend to go for a minimalist approach but after adding some shapes I didn’t like how it hid most of my blending.


I created a mandala that consisted of the elements water and fire. I consider myself a calm person, yet there are times when I can be pretty aggressive. I only used one geometric shape for clip art in this mandala because I enjoy making the elements water and fire express themselves more freely.