Final project book


Projector 4



This is very fun projector done by whole class. You have to come up new idea as soon as you receive picture from someone, and then circle around the class. I enjoy team wrok project, someone always can cover up your mistake

Projector – 5 Penn State Abington

 I have tired many different many many pictures for  last week, none of of them match wahat I really wanted. When I was fooling around the campus, suddenly, 2012 pop up on my mind. So I came up this idea, how would Peen State Abington look like at the end of world. Well. here it is, what I have done is combine two picture together. The most challenge for me is lightling situation.  It is complicated to adjust human skin under sun and under shadow. I make it simple, erase all the students on campus and make whole picture in fire, that elimates skin problem. Picture might look easy, it is actually 7 layer jobs in solid color.