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Transportation- Gigi Fleurentin

A movie that describes how transportation and destinations consume the daily thoughts of human begins. They are so consumed with where they’re going and how fast they’re going to get there, they don’t realize what’s important. Whether they are promised transportation or hell, everyone is trying to get somewhere.
(There was supposed to be music but I don’t know what happened to it)

The Technology Conspiracy

This video is a comical approach to looking at conspiracy theories. I’m personally not a fan of most conspiracy theories, despite being an open minded individual. I just don’t feel that conspiracy theories ever really have enough evidence to convince me. Recently I had of one that disturbed me to my core. The theory is that the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting is a fabrication made up by the government. I don’t care what kind of evidence that they think they have, I just can’t accept that to be true. I believe if you look hard enough for a symbolism, meaning, or in this case conspiracy you are going to find them whether they exist or not.

“Philosophy” for Keynote by Andrew Francis Krick

In this project we were randomly assigned keywords.  Mine was “Philosophy.”

First off, I tried to play with lot of the animation tools and embedding a video within the video at the same time.  I tired nurmerous things, but I couldn’t get the video within the video to work, so I had to scrap that.  There was supposed to be a clip of Ayn Rand hosting a public access show, but it didn’t make the final cut due to having to many bugs.  Also, some of the animation was giving me trouble by making slides run too long, so I also had to cut these from the show.  I really wish I could of kept them in, but I am still happy with the final product.

As, for my topic, “Philosophy” is a topic that is very close to me, as well as a topic that I think is misunderstood.  Philosophy is one of the most important things in the history of both western and eastern cultures.  It is also the back bone of all academic disciplines.  And at the same time, it is one of the things that we seem to respect the least in our society these days.

Which is ironic, because almost anyone can be a philosopher.  One doesn’t get handed a license that says one is a philosopher, you just become one.  And at the same time, it’s not easy to be a philosopher either, one really has to use one’s mind and think about things abstractly to suddenly have those thoughts of ‘enlightenment’ that make one a philosopher.

Also, philosophy today has seem to fallen into something even worse; Pop Philosophy.  Popular philosophy is almost always political and economical, such as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and the Communism of Karl Marx.  And although people like Marx are very important, and I think who was a man that really cared about people, he was using philosophy for something it wasn’t.  As for Ayn Rand, I even have a worse opinion of her, I see her as a scared little girl in the body of a grown woman that lost everything in the Bolshevik revolution, and just couldn’t admit some of the fundamentals of philosophy that Kant described, that we know through logic to be true.

So both Ayn Rand and Socialism were important topics in my video that showed what philosophy has become, but what it is not at its core.

My other two topics in my video were the Greeks, and Philip K. Dick.  And both of them to me symbolize what philosophy is and should be; people that inquire about the meaning of life outside the confines of religion, even though they might be very spiritual people.

I felt the Greeks were important, because they are the essence of philosophy.  I think other cultures come close in the exploration of the meaning of existence, like the French, the Germans, and the Chinese.  But I think we can all agree, that no one got the ball rolling like the Greeks did.   In a short period after coming out of barbarism, they set up systems of thought and inquiry in such a short period human in a time of history that would set the world on fire for thousands of years to come.

As for Philip K. Dick, I see him as a continuation of the Greeks work, for he is a man that is not afraid to explore radical ideas, even if people would think he was crazy just like how Greek philosophers were viewed in their own time.

And most importantly, he was a man that was not afraid to call himself crazy, just as Socrates wasn’t afraid of doing that either.  They truly explored the realms of human thought on existence, were as people like Ayn Rand are too scared to do, and yet she these days is now considered one of the leading philosophers while Philip K. Dick is still considered by the masses as a hack science fiction writer that took too much acid.  Which is a shame, because compared to Ayn Rand, he is a titan of philosophy.

Art201 Keynote Project

Eric Anderson

Given the randomly selected topic of ‘Future,’ I was instructed to create a minute long video using Apple’s Keynote. Within the topic of Future, I incorporated four subtopics, including: space travel, time, apocalypse, and resettlement. The video starts with a space ship leaving Earth for another planet, just as apocalypse breaks out. This is followed by the ship’s return, once the havoc has subsided. Physical time is a formable concept that can represent anything from several years to several milleniums.