Sacred Sunflower Deity

To bring Light to the world.
Using geometric form to create a sacred geometric masterpiece of perfection in reflection to Mother Nature’s ‘true’ beauty. The Sacred Geometry goes to the center, straight to the Deity’s core, which is The Prana of Life Force.

The God/Godess of Male and Female merge as One to bring unity of Yin and Yang, to reflect the balance in the world. The Deity is brought to form thru the use of The Vitruvian Man and The Shiva Goddess intertwined as one, bringing both ‘old’ worlds, East and West, together as One creating the ‘Deity Flower of Life’; which in essence is

Sacred Geometry.



This Mandala is inspired by my childhood favorite Pokemon. The badges represent the trainers victories and accomplishments that have molded him into who he is. The Pokeballs in the center of the circle represent the trainers primary team who are the center of his power. The Pokeballs in mid fall on the left hand side of the picture are the other Pokemon the trainer has caught along the way. I revolved my mandala around the number six due to the number’s significane to that world. Six is the number of Pokemon a trainer is permitted to have on a team.