Never Ending Story

This picture is a combination of all my work within my Art 201 course. It’s design to depict a heroes journey and the significance one choice can have. On the first page, there is an open pokeball releasing a light. The light travels through the other page because it’s the first Pokemon you chose to be on your team. It’s symbolizes how the first choice lies the foundation and is the essence of everything that follows it. The next page shows the badges and Pokemon caught represent the accomplishments that seemingly fall into place. The third page has the collage with shows how interactions and bonds with other have molded the hero. The fourth has a blurred castle representing the many mysterious lands the hero will travel too. The fifth page depicts villains and obstacle the character must overcome in order to become a hero. The sixth and seventh pages ask you to look back upon everything, and look at how things seemed to fall into place just right. Then the eighth page reminds you that it all start with one choice.