Exercise #1

Exercise #1 working with Adobe Illustrator.



For this project, we were assigned a word and had to make a 60 second keynote video using pictures relating to the word. The word I was given was “Culture.” As culture can represent many things, I chose a avenue that most of the students in my class could relate to which was college culture. Although, I did not focus much on the academic side (the more important, but less fun side!), I did focus on the sports, clubs, and organizations.

Unfortunately, I did come across several techincal issues that were never able to be resolved, but overall I think the video captures a bit of what college life other then academics is. Of course, social life is different for everyone so this was not an easy task.

Looking back, I would have done something different with my work, but I am somewhat pleased on the outcome.


Using photoshop, garageband and other sources including the internet I put this collage parody together of what I thought about when I think of the word number. Among the topics that I thought about were science and how the universe is made up of numbers.