Earth, water, fire and air


Final Compilation



This semester has been a really trying one for me. Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. I worked really hard with stuff and considering there is no artistic bone in my body I think I did alright. I took this class because I need it to get my Business Writing Certificate when I graduate and I have learned a lot from it.

Compilation – Phil Curry


Hey Everyone,

Just want explain my idea behind this project. Although this isn’t everything I made in this class. I wanted to expound on my mandala project. there is a story behind this mandala. I wanted to show how the universe, revolved around these elements. Showing how divided they are, and at the same time how they are united.
Thanks Phil

Stained Glass – Phil Curry

Stained Glass

Hey Everyone,
This piece came about after making a grid with 9 broken windows. Moving them around I saw a cross shape. It was then I decided to put Christ on the cross in between the spots. the 3 Jesus’ are supposed to be somewhat holding each others hands, something I tried to do to resemble the trinity.





Portfolio slideshow – Gillian Siegfried

Siegfried.Final Project (1)_Page_1

Siegfried.Final Project (1)_Page_2

To end my final semester at Penn State Abington is bittersweet, as was this project. While I met hardships along the way, my final portfolio should show you the growth I’ve achieved. I am much more confident in my graphic design abilities and I hope that the viewer can easily see that.