I am really lucky that I have taken both of these art courses: 201 and 110S, because that things learned from one class really helped a lot with the other class’s projects. And that is exactly how I figured out how I wanted to create my variations.
(I don’t know where that blue line comes from >^<.)
As it is shown, I tried to create the variations in multiple ways. Although it turned out to look a little bit creepy to me at first, I felt fairly pleasant with the outcome. If I were more familiar with Photoshop, I would definitely be able to create a much better effect.

It was not hard to use the blending tools at all, but it truly is a tool that takes some time to use — there are a lot of decisions to make such as choosing the type I liked most and making adjusments like opacity and so on…

I spent most of my time "getting rid of the background" with "magic select tools"(?) and it was exhausting to focus focus focus on all the details — driving me crazy!!!!

Also how could all those layers be that easily to mess up?!!! OvO

In all, still very fun project! (Last, I need to specifically thanks Andy for all the help!!!!)

【After critique】 I think I will definitely try those great ideas from my brilliant classmates and professor XD such as that I can make the right half of the background red or black, and that it will look better if I make my right hand not that flat and so on~


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