2015_6_Huang_Guojiao_never ending story_book_portfolio_GGG Simpleness

I cannot describe the feelings when you actually saw a book you designed yourself out of your own works!!! So exciting!!!

I decide to name my book as GGG_Simpleness:
But I will not admit———— OvO
that I print my covers only out of the most normal papers,
that I leave all my backgrounds blank,
that I use tricky ways to play around with the design of texts,
————that they are all only because that I almost run out of time and had to do with this simplest way to cover the truth that it is actually a last-minute work in order to make the deadlines. OvO

However then I was really surprised that they all work for me amazingly!!!! TvT

So I decide to stick with this “style” :p for my cover designs.
Still secretly speaking, ///w/// I came up with the idea to use my second last project as my cover bcz that I could not finish it until after the book was already printed out…Fortunately, truly lucky me that the happen accident again, works incredibly well for me as a cover!!!!
Another thing I want to mention is that it was so fun to play with the qr code that this little stuff really can be read no matter how you scale it or change the opacity of it, fascinating XD!!!!

Last but not the least, as much fun as gluing the covers, I have to say that the covers are really challenges to me QAQ the glue!!!!


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