Dynamic_ Composition_Joana_Shpuza


Using simple tools in Adobe Illustrator we learned to create the dynamic movement of a painting. It is was interesting how creative we can be only using one geometric shape like rectangle to create something colorful that has your perspective and individuality in it.



The video was from a mind map exercise. The word i originally got assigned was Numbers. I was able to easily link this word to life in many way but one idea that kept occurring was  concept of order, order in numbers them selves, in letters, how we use it for means of hierarchy (who obtains the most power and in what order?)  and within the government order is so prevalent in more than one meaning of the word. Even in our everyday lives order is what keeps us going, what keeps us stable and functioning. In this particular video i used the word order to visualize order in america and how it is slowly shifting and in some ways diminishing. The people are starting to see era in the system and lashing back. Now the government is  starting to losing order.


This Project was very exiting. I started with making a mind map of the things that i knew about my key word Education. Then I went through the process of researching the secondary words about my topic. I started collecting different pictures and looking at the pictures I came up with the story of going to school,bell ringing,opening a book and getting in to imagination, going through history and than a bell taking you out of the imagination and facing a chalkboard with a quote. Using Keynote i had some difficulties but, i liked the experience and the skills i learned.