13 Ways of Looking at a Black Bird_Andika Rodriguez

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My interpretation of Wallace Stevens poem,  “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Bird”,I found this project a bit challenging. I never constructed an image using strictly letter forms on top of that, although i found the poem to be beautiful it was hard for me to interpret and really build a strong image so i really had to you use my imagination and what i thought of when i hear of black birds and then i connected it to the subjects of the poem and came out with an image that i am pretty happy with.


Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Bird – Zaver Zhang

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This is a interesting and challengeable project. I need to visualize an abstract piece of poem in image. My interpretation of the poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Bird” is kind of blurred. I could feel isolation,lonely, and few image pieces like black birds eyes, black birds sadly chirp on a withered tree, snowing mountain, water flew slowly. Then I turned my thoughts into images. It looks good after I organized all my image pieces. In my piece, eyes are a big part of the theme. in addition, I was enjoyed the whole of making this project. Learned a lot of skills of using the program and practiced my sense of making art.

Rhoads Ways of Looking at a Blackbird


This project was based on Wallace Stevens’ poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.” This poem is very complex and has a great deal of metaphors and meaning behind it. I found myself re-reading the poem often to finally grasp the idea and points Stevens was trying to convey. For my project, the whole picture is not in order in relation to each stanza in the poem, however it is showing the overall general idea I thought Stevens was saying: The eye of the blackbird is seen among the still twenty snowy mountains; man is of three minds with different thoughts, indecisions and often jealousy about nature, as well as the bird is shown singing which man can often be jealous of. The rest shows the unpredictability and harshness of nature, along with the blackbird being free flying above the river, and how man and woman are one and also connected with nature. Overall, I really enjoyed trying to create pictures out of simple letters and messing around with different fonts to create something entirely new.