Mandala Everardo

Mandala Everardo_finished-01

Missed opportunity to correctly complete.  I had obviously had difficulty on executing.


Zaver Zhang – Mandala


I had a lot of fun in work on this project, learned many skillful tricks of using Illustrator. My idea of this piece of mandala is about earth. I choose soil color as background, complex color as edge, the inside of it means human. I think it’s not only about creative, based on religion and some rules, it makes me feel like a serious project. The process of doing this is fun though.




This project was fun and very colorful. We learned about new tools, about color and how to make them work together. I also learned meaning of colors to make the mandala emotional as well. I started the mandala with the grid. I learned about different grids and I chose to go with “rule of thirds grid”. I also learned a lot about structure and geometry. After I established the grid and structure i worked with the water, air, and earth element. Working with the colors until I was happy with my work.

Andika Rodriguez-Mandala


For my mandala i decided to go with more with earthly elements by creating some sort of flower in the center of a lily pad. the lily pad is floating o top of what is to resemble water. For a little more pop and a consistent pattern, i used a right around the center of the flower containing some of my favorite colors that represent something close to me.

Mandala of Metal — Anthony Curran


In my mandala I went for a sort of flower/lotus appearance. I chose the metallic texture because it directly relates to how our world is made up of, structures and robotics constantly being creating from different types of metals. I chose to shape the mandala in a sort of lotus design to show the blossoming of life. In our day and age we create so much with metals and in a sense give each thing “life” from it’s creation. Robotics is the most directly relatable thing we as humans have created that is similar to us.


Above is the geometry of the mandala. This was the blueprint in the design and color placement for the mandala.

Elise Rhoads Mandala






For my mandala project I decided to go with the water element. I stuck with gradient colors because I really liked the effect it added rather than using flat, plain colors. I used different hues of blue, and even added in some greens, yellows, and pinks to give it a ‘glare’ type of effect, as if it was a drop of water and the sun was hitting it. This mandala project was slightly more challenging than the rest. Getting the mandala the way I wanted required a good bit of time, as well as finding the colors that I liked.//

Earth Mandala by Gigi Fleurentin


I based my mandala on the element of earth. I used natural materials found in the earth, such as carbon and diamonds as inspiration. The tiger skin represents the animals on earth and the night sky is the atmosphere.

Here is the geometric structure and mapping used in my mandala within the art board:

mandala_fleurentin_gigi_skeleton mandala_fleurentin_gigi

I create one last mandala, for fun, using a more realistic tiger pattern provided in the Adobe Illustrator software:


Mandala of Chaos – Calvin Chen

The Mandala of Chaos is the mandala i have created using the colors of red, orange, blue, teal, and black. The light colors represented on the mandala are blue, teal, and orange are represented as calm and peaceful, while the dark colors of red, dark blue, and black represent the chaos in the mandala.
The image above displayed how i created the mandala, and where i decided to place the colors.