Rhoads Leoporello

This is my final Leoporello project in Art 201.¬†This is the spread export option. It’s more of a minimal, and clean style portfolio type of Leoporello. My ¬†goal was to keep it simple. It features exercises and projects I have completed over the semester, mostly in chronological order. This was a very fun and interesting project to complete, especially creating the physical book itself.


Rhoads Print Project



This is my final print for the print project. I took this photo along the Schuylkill River on Kelly Drive, and decided to give it an “other-worldly” or Sci-Fi look. There are two skies that blend into each other, as well as the faded moon and planets next to the moon. I also added the reflection in the water and gave it a blur and ripple effect to try and make it truly look like there was a reflection in the water. Overall, I really enjoyed working on this project and I feel I learned more about using Photoshop than I had originally planned.

Project 05 Curran

Actual Final Project Testing (5) (1)

My final project where i chose to create a dynamic piece in greyscale. To me the whole time after seeing this, the best description I could think of for this would be “Chaos”.


This was just something I was just curious about with what would this look like if the original was inverted and it created something just as dynamic.