Test Post Dynamic Composition

2016_1_Gina_Herrera_dynamiccomp copy

This project was about using the Schiele painting as the guideline for a dynamic composition with rectangles.What I learned about this project was first of all how to use Adobe Illustrator and how to create and image.


Test Post: Dynamic Composition


While working on this project, I knew Adobe Illustrator already and knew most of the tools so it wasn’t difficult for me. I had to relearn the tools though since it’s been two years since I last used Illustrator. Relearning to use the tools wasn’t that hard since I’ve recently started using Photoshop for some work I do at home. Learning the hotkeys wasn’t that hard either. What I can say that I truly learn during this project is that even just using a plain shape like quadrilaterals, you can make something that actually look like something.

Test Post: Dynamic Composition


What I learned in this project is being first introduced to Adobe Illustrator and all the tools I needed to know to create this project. I am fairly new to a mac interface so navigating was something I also learned while doing this project. The best thing I learned that made me most efficient in this project was using the shortcut key option and click and drag a shape to make a copy.