Mandala of the Elements By Sarah Harris

My Mandala of the Elements project is using two elements: Earth and Air. I decided to go with these two elements because I am more attracted to organic, light and natural flowing elements. When I first thought of this project I had difficulties in representing air as it’s invisible to us and hard to draw. I then had the idea to have my mandala include zodiac signs representing earth and air.

Earth: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini
Air: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

These zodiac signs are actually a great match in compatibility, meaning, balance and colors. Throughout my Mandala I incorporated each sign and kept the air signs mostly blue/grey and the earth signs more green/tan.

The outcome of this project isn’t what I had originally planned at first. I did find it difficult at times getting the tools and coloring to become what I had visioned in my head for this project. However, instead of forcing it to be something I planned – I found it came out to be better than my initial sketch when I just let it be and see how it turns out.

Mandala of the Elements Geometry: Earth & Air

Mandala of the Elements

Mandala of the Elements (Final): Earth & Air

Mandala of the Elements


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