The Neverending Story

This is my final project for the semester this shows a small version of all my projects this semester.


Variations by David


This is my variations project, I decided to take this approach in response to my interest and fascination with candid photography. I had some images stored in my SD card from 2 years ago and found some interesting ones which were feasible in regards to manipulation and its overall style. I decided to add a nebula image to emotions towards music. This was an interesting project and a new experience for me considering I have no experience with Photoshop. I hope to gain experience and compare future work to pieces such as this and understand other directions I could’ve gone.

The Neverending Story By Sarah Harris

The objective of our project was to create a compile book in Adobe InDesign of all our final projects that were created over the semester. Each project was created using a different adobe software. Attached to my project is a QR code that links to my public ART 201 portfolio. I am a senior Information Sciences and Technology student and by taking this course, it has given me the additional skills to work in new designing software. With these skills I can continue the neverending story of my work in computer graphics and design. Thanks for looking!