Exquisite Corpse Digital Round Robin By Sarah Harris

This is the 4th project in this course which has involved more than one collaborator for me to produce a final result. For this project I started off scanning images of personal items I brought in that all have meaning behind them. The final objects I choose were an amethyst stone, a mini glass Buddha, and a round glass paperweight. After learning the objectives of this project, I had to share my scanned image with two other students in this class by only giving a small glimpse or hint of what I have scanned. I did this by using masking layers and gradients to hide most of my image. With the help of both Dan Pinho and David Lee’s inspired images of their choice, I was able to come up with a interesting piece applying just filters, adjustment layers and blending options in Adobe Photoshop. Below are pictures of my original scan and my final outcome of our Exquisite Corpse project.

Original Scan:



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