Variations Project By Sarah Harris


This project was definitely my favorite over the semester. I chose my canvas to be 20 x 20 inches large, with 9 separate photos in a 3 x 3 layout. I used Adobe Photoshop to create this project. I decided to take a dozen roses and distort each one that holds a significant meaning. Each picture was taken by myself using photography lighting and a high resolution camera. I wanted to focus purely on the color red which is why I made my background black and white.Roses are very significant to me which is why I enjoyed this project and spent a lot of time working.

I chose a rose to represent people in that we all are very delicate and the events that happen to us can distort, change, damage, grow, feel and blossom into the people we are today.

Starting in the upper left hand corner from left to right: beauty/life/strength, dying/struggle/weak, sticky, burned, stabbed and hurt, sweet/sugar coated, strangled/tied up, melting/falling apart, and diseased.




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