Rolando Figueroa: Mandala


The Island of Fire – A Mandala Interpretation by Phillip Ho

The mandala, by definition from the Oxford University Press, is a geometric figure that represents the universe in the symbolism of Hindu and Buddhism cultures. This project, however, involves creating our own mandalas through Adobe® Illustrator using colors, different kinds of tools, and all the strategies we’ve learned about while incorporating the geo-construction from Part III of the geo-construction exercises. This is all while utilizing at least one of the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

What you will see here is my interpretation of a mandala and the four elements as one mosaic-like island scenery. There are two images below this description: One showcases just the island, which I call, “The Island of Fire,” with all four elements incorporated. The other showcases the same island but with the guidelines and the geo-construction layered on top of it to show the concept and guidelines I used to create my interpretation of the mandala.

“The Island of Fire”

The Island of Fire - A Mandala Interpretation by Phillip Ho

“The Island of Fire” w/ Guides and Structure

The Island of Fire - A Mandala Interpretation by Phillip Ho - With Guides and Geo-Construction

My 3.5 GHz 12-core 35 Mb cache Mandala By Anzor Aslanukov

Nice Mandala, yeah real cool stuff. I created this religious and sacred mandala in order to summon the god of bread, but since the universe does not care, nothing happened. The mandala I created incorporates the four elements of nature: fire, water, earth, and air (what is this, Avatar?!?!). Of course, that is not true since the real elements of nature are: hydrogen, helium, lithium, iron, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, plasma, silicon, bromine, americium, uranium, Iran, centrifuges, Stuxnet viruses, KABOOM!!!! Now someone is offended, please expel and sue me so that my story will be on TYT YouTube…


So since I had little to no knowledge (or little to no appreciation) for the layer system, I messed up in the beginning but here is the primary layer thing with all the guides and stuff:


And here are the guides used for creating those warped graph lines in the lower right corner:


So yeah, I’ll probably get like a 9/10 IF LUCKY. I spent the most time on this art project but hey, at least I learned something more about AI and I am not sick which is all that matters right? RIGHT?