Geo-Constructions with Digital Compasses and Straightedges by Phillip Ho

The following three images below are what are called “Geometric Constructions,” which is a series of exercises that involve using Adobe® Illustrator almost as if it was modified to replicate the use of physical tools.

The first image shows six constructions of basic, intermediate, and advanced construction using only the line and elliptical tools.
Geo-Construction I: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Constructions by Phillip Ho

The second image shows the constructions of a square and a hexagon inside individual circles but done backwards using the elliptical, polygon, and line tools.
Geo-Construction II: Constructing Backwards by Phillip Ho

The final image is what I call an optical illusion, involving the left construction from the second image and repeated as if it there were many of the same construction but larger or smaller as you look farther or closer to it. Note that in this image, some constructions are shown at a 45˚ angle.
Geo-Construction III: Optical Illusions by Phillip Ho


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