Geo 1,2,3 by Anzor Aslanukov

10-11-2016_anzor_aslanukov_geo_construction-1 Ooooooooo, ahhhhhh look, shapes and lines, perfect proportions, something that Pythagoreas liked. The pattern of straight edge and compass, signifying the departure for the search of perfection, perfection never to be found. An illusion… 10-11-2016_anzor_aslanukov_geo-2

Yes yes yes, look at those AMAZING shapes! They are gorgeous, you know, if these shapes weren’t my creation, I’d be dating them. No, it is something that Trump would have said. Now can I be expelled???


Expel me you modern fascists, accusers who condemn the innocent and powerless! WTF am I talking about? Cool stuff, nice, simplicity, this is NOT complexity no no.


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