Never ending story by: Rolando Figueroa


Once Upon a Time – A Neverending Story by Phillip Ho

SlideShare of Neverending Story

JPGs of Neverending Story

In creating my digital portfolio, I wanted to show not just the necessary files we were required to work on during the class, but I also wanted to show the creative process for the six projects I have completed to show how I approached them.

What you see here in my Neverending Story are the creative processes and results of fifteen weeks of experimenting using tools such as Keynote, Illustrator,
Photoshop and InDesign to create some unique and wonderful artworks that will have you thinking long after you see them.

With that being said, I thank you for
looking at and appreciating the work that I put my time and effort into, and now I present to you, “My Neverending Story.”