The official release of the exquisite corps 7 on September 7 2016 – Now at your local apple store today!

What? Wow! OMG!!!!!?!?!?!! This is what everyone was waiting for, the most exquisite and amazing exquisite corps out there! Listen folks, I have seen and experienced many remarkable things in my life – the pyramids, mummified Lenin, been up close and even sat inside the Virgin Atlantic space Airplane, rode in an antique passenger plane from the 30’s, climbed a mountain in Russia and saw the entire valley, been to Spain and saw the architectural works of Gaudi, been to the Louvre in Paris and saw the Mona Lisa in person… But nothing and I mean no experience I had exceeds this masterpiece that I was able to create through the miracle of Photoshop:


I mean look at it! How can anyone deny that this work would not be deemed superior in almost every aspect in comparison to the paintings of Dali and Picasso? (Jumps off a bridge…)


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