Technology with the blackbird project and MY 3.5 GHZ 12-CORE 35 MB CACHE MANDALA along with the 8.0 L W16 QUAD-TURBOCHARGED 1200 HP EXQUISITE CORPSE PIXEL_01 machine but now with THE NEW 2.34 GHZ QUAD-CORE 64-BIT ARMV8-A √∀®!@+|Ø∩$ PROJECT WITH 3 GB LPDDR4 RAM AND 12 MP 2ND-GENERATION SONY EXMOR RS[8] WITH SIX-ELEMENT LENS, QUAD-LED “TRUE TONE” FLASH, AUTOFOCUS, IR FILTER, BURST MODE, F/1.8 APERTURE, 4K VIDEO RECORDING AT 30 FPS OR 1080P AT 30 OR 60 FPS, SLOW-MOTION VIDEO (1080P AT 120 FPS AND 720P AT 240 FPS), TIMELAPSE WITH STABILIZATION, PANORAMA, FACIAL RECOGNITION, DIGITAL IMAGE STABILIZATION, OPTICAL IMAGE STABILIZATION, TELEPHOTO LENS WITH 2× OPTICAL ZOOM / 10× DIGITAL ZOOM WITH A 5.5 IN (140 MM) RETINA HD: LED-BACKLIT IPS LCD, 1920×1080 PX RESOLUTION (401 PPI) DISPLAY which is a hand-made, top-notch, exclusive, VIP, brand-new, aged to perfection, quality, on-sale, on-demand, money-saving, low-rate, ALL-IN-one, hospital-tested, clinically proven, friendly customer service, brand-name, money-back guarantee, no fuss, no obligation, no “red-tape”, no hidden charges, no down-payment, no entry fees, limited time-only, limited edition, batteries included, fast delivery, no restriction, no assembly required, no risk, classic, custom, deluxe, designer, prestige, luxury, premium-select, gourmet Compile_02 project.


This is the last thing I will be posting on the page. It was a great honor to be a part of this everyone, and I mean it with all of my heart. And so, as I leave, I will leave the best creation I have ever made – something which LITERALLY has everything I ever made, all-on-one! And it goes like this:

2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_02 2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_022

2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_023 2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_024

2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_025 2016-06-12_Anzor_Aslanukov_Compile_026


My work is finished and now, I can live in peace knowing that I will forever be remembered as a great artist and knowing that this art is preserved on “duh internets.”


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