Variations by Phillip Ho

What you are about to see in this post is the final compositions for two ideas I had for the Variations Project made in Adobe® Photoshop.

The first image below is a series of multiple photographs of cherry blossoms I took back in March while I was visiting Washington D.C. with my mother. The idea is that the photographs are filtered using Photo Filter adjustment layers to create the illusion of a series of multiple cherry blossoms photographs taken from dawn to dusk. I applied an Unsharp Mask filter to ensure the photographs look crisp, and to give the illusion that the photographs are actually oil paintings, I used the Oil Paint filter.

Cherry Blossoms:

The second image below is more of a “collage” featuring artworks of Vocaloids™ by Japanese illustrator Atsuya Uki. The images that make up the collage were actually scanned from art cards that came with a Vocaloid™ split-single by supercell & kz of Livetune.

The arrangement of the artworks mixing with a gradient background of colors representing four of the Vocaloids™ shown here: Hatsune Miku (teal), Megurine Luka (almost like a light pink), Kagamine Rin (almost like gold), and Kagamine Len (close to orange). The end result is a collage mixing between a series and a polyptych of multiple images, though I use the word “collage” very loosely here because it’s not the typical photo collage we see everywhere.

Vocaloids™ – Illustrations by Atsuya Uki:


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