Variations – Eric Liang


Recently I have had a interest into warships. One of the things that I came across was Operation Crossroads.

Operation Crossroads was an experimental nuclear weapons test in 1946 conducted by the United States on its own obsolete or captured warships. The results were probably as you would expect from a nuclear bomb.

Some or most of these ships would have had to participate during World War 2, some were renowned and had quite distinctive service histories.
I found it a strange thought that these huge ships, full of lively serving sailors, some who might’ve called it their home only a few years ago, was empty save for a test animals at the time of the test.

What I did was put in past photographs of some of the warships that were used in the test overlooking the second and final bomb used during Crossroads.

In a way, ships feel like they have a life of their own since this was their final destination.

Original photographs used:


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