Jessica Lam portfolio



Hudson Marsh // Leporello Portfolio

The format of an accordion booklet is a great format because you get the best of both worlds with back-to-back pages in a classic book style, where images can be separate. You can also have two pages be a continuation of the same image. I tried to keep a clean, grid-like style while also harkening back to the look of a classic textbook with tiny numbering for different projects.

najieh – portfolio

My portfolio is based on everything I have worked on in Art 201. It was a process creating the first assignment, the compile 01 project, because I was not familiar with anything in Keynote. I the began to grow in my knowledge with Adobe illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop. it was a struggle at some points while creating each project, but with the help of Professor Zapata and classmates, I got through it. Overall, it was also very fun creating these pieces.