Neverending Story



Pixel_5_ProjectFor my variation project I hit a wall and couldn’t think about what to do. I play the sims and I wanted to use something that I have made instead of going into Google and editing a picture. I wanted to show the resolution in gaming and technology in general where it when from hardly visible to very high res. I wanted to take away the detail and show that even without detail, something can still look amazing. We should be more grateful for what we have now.


Exquisite Corpse



For his project, I scanned the stuff I brought into class however I wanted. Afterward I gave the file I had created from that scan, after it was altered to show only 20%, to 2 classmates. The added to the image and returned it back to me. What I saw when I got it back surprised me. It was something I would’ve never expected. Everything that was added was something that I would have never used. When editing, I tried really hard to dull down the images, they stand out a lot. I’m not a big fan of things that stand out. Since a lot of stuff didn’t correspond with my original image I edited the transparency to make everything more cohesive. After that I just messed around in the filters to get some stuff that I liked.

Mandala of the Elements

PrintThis is my Mandala project.
With this project, I chose the elements Air and Earth. I wanted something that isn’t polar opposite. I used more Earth than I did Air. When I started this I had an idea for earth to have more of an animal vibe to it. I wanted the light color for air to compliment the darker color for earth. When I finish with preparing the mandala, I noticed that it looked demonic, the exact opposite of what I wanted. So I went with it and started designing around it to make it look like the the demonic figure is caged in and is slowly being enlightened.

Thirteen Ways of Looking At a Blackbird


This is my Thirteen Ways to Look at a Blackbird project. This project was surprisingly hard for me. I’ve worked with illustrator before and did a typography project back in high school, so I though it would’ve been easy. I thought wrong it was difficult. Even though I knew that I didn’t have to keep everything in a single box, that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to show how even staying inside of the “box” you can still have an interaction with others with fluid motion while still relaying the meaning of whatever you are working on. In this case the poem.



The final product of the keynote project. My key word is Philosophy. Let me be quick and honest, I know nothing about philosophy. My understanding was very limited, so I worked with what I got. First I started with some well known philosophers, such as Carlo Crivelli and Buddha. Going through the project more, I slowly went toward religion because I thought that some philosophy derive from religion in the past and it slowly evolve. I also wanted to show something kind of trippy, like if you smoked something and watched it. As I was finishing up I really wanted to show my confusion but still keep the philosophy theme by asking questions. Keynote was not that difficult to work with once I got the hand of it. In the end my project ended up how I wanted it to.

Test Post: Dynamic Composition


While working on this project, I knew Adobe Illustrator already and knew most of the tools so it wasn’t difficult for me. I had to relearn the tools though since it’s been two years since I last used Illustrator. Relearning to use the tools wasn’t that hard since I’ve recently started using Photoshop for some work I do at home. Learning the hotkeys wasn’t that hard either. What I can say that I truly learn during this project is that even just using a plain shape like quadrilaterals, you can make something that actually look like something.