Leporello by David Munoz-Mendoza

This is my compile project which contains all of my works throughout the Spring 2016 semester in Art 201. I simply decided to organize each of my projects in order from the days they were created from rDNA to Exquisite Corpse.


Variations by David


This is my variations project, I decided to take this approach in response to my interest and fascination with candid photography. I had some images stored in my SD card from 2 years ago and found some interesting ones which were feasible in regards to manipulation and its overall style. I decided to add a nebula image to emotions towards music. This was an interesting project and a new experience for me considering I have no experience with Photoshop. I hope to gain experience and compare future work to pieces such as this and understand other directions I could’ve gone.

Exquisite Corpse by David Munoz-Mendoza


Remixed Scan

This is my rendition of the exquisite corpse project. We began this project by scanning personal objects and manipulating them in interesting ways. My scan included a Kanye West CD, The Hundreds sticker, Philadelphia Union Scarf, And a Real Madrid Jersey. We then did a Round Robin exercise where my peers would add images based on little idea of what the original scan was. I then had to “remix” the image along with the original scan and this was the result.

Mandala of elements by David Mendoza

mandala_3 newer

mandala_3 newer

mandala_3 newer

This is my take on the mandala project, I wanted to integrate all 4 elements and associate them with color. The sun on the right of the piece represents life and its relationship with the 4 elements. The rectangles running across the sun represents a sunset and sun rise through the 4 elements. The black background is nothing more than space. This was a fun project for reasons being it gave me the opportunity to play with geometry and color.

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird


This is my visual take on the poem Thirteen Ways of looking at a blackbird. Going into the project I had a pretty vivid idea of the what I wanted in terms of the scenery. The project was difficult in many ways especially in the creative process being, it changed drastically from the initial idea to the final product. I wanted to focus more on the beginning of the poem and the main focus of the Blackbird of course. Overall it was an interesting project and the process was definitely a new experience moving back and forth from a poem to a visual interpretation.


This is my rrDNA search project for my Art 201 class. In this project we were given a keyword and were instructed to create a video with Keynote. My overall stance on the project was pretty straightforward in that Health is a really broad topic. I learned new thinks in this topic as well as improved my use of presentation applications.

Dynamic Composition


This is the project completed on the 21st of January as an exercise for our first Project. This exercise required us as well as taught us ways to interpret components of our understanding of how dynamic composition can be translated to media with Adobe Illustrator. We were also taught how to convert this and other images in to the Jpg format.