Final Project – Daniel Pinho

This is my final project that is a compilation of some of my favorite work I did this semester. There were two exercises and three projects that i added for this book. This project showed me how to work with InDesign and taught me the valuable lesson of of crop marks and bleeds.


Variations – Daniel Pinho


This is the final for my Variations project. What I did was i took 9 photos of different video game system controllers and spread them 3×3 then I put a filter on it to give it that glowing look. I think this images shows how the controller has evolved since past ones and have become more optimized.

Mandala of the Elements by Daniel Pinho



This is my Mandala that represents the element of water. The center is a drop in which everything else echos out. I choose to go with blue and white to give a light and easy to look at tone. Also adding the gradients to the circles gives the piece depth and makes it interesting to look at in my opinion. the most difficult part for the project for me was deciding what colors to use and how to use them.

Blackbird Project


This is my project on 13 ways to look at a blackbird. In this project we had to utilize the tools of Adobe Illustrator and only use letter to create a picture and tell a story. In this project we had to do a lot of editing of letters, get knowledge on different font, learn to group, ungroup, create outlines, and divide letter forms, and much more.

American History

This is my final result for project 1. The word i was given is History. I attempted to explain how being the biggest and strongest country in the world has it’s difficulties and that nothing is perfect, but as long as you keep fighting then you will succeed. We used KeyNote to great a video which was not it’s intended purpose but it worked out well giving a lot of creative room.