Digital Arts Book (slideshow)


v mary project 2 smearing finish whiteHere is the compilation of the works I created during the 2015 fall semester in Digital Arts 201.


Earth Mandala by Gigi Fleurentin


I based my mandala on the element of earth. I used natural materials found in the earth, such as carbon and diamonds as inspiration. The tiger skin represents the animals on earth and the night sky is the atmosphere.

Here is the geometric structure and mapping used in my mandala within the art board:

mandala_fleurentin_gigi_skeleton mandala_fleurentin_gigi

I create one last mandala, for fun, using a more realistic tiger pattern provided in the Adobe Illustrator software:


Transportation- Gigi Fleurentin

A movie that describes how transportation and destinations consume the daily thoughts of human begins. They are so consumed with where they’re going and how fast they’re going to get there, they don’t realize what’s important. Whether they are promised transportation or hell, everyone is trying to get somewhere.
(There was supposed to be music but I don’t know what happened to it)