Exquisite Corpse Digital Round Robin

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This is my 4th project, Pixel 1: Exquisite Corpse Digital Round Robin. This project we didn’t only work by ourselves but with out classmates too. We had to bring in some meaningful personal items ( a foam bird and a porcelain girl) that we had to scan and create an image with them. After all the steps we had to get done my assigned colleagues (04 & 05) made something compltetly different than my original image, with that I had to put on some effects.




My Mandala project elements are water and ai. I picked with two elements because they are related to two zodiac signs that are meanful to me. The colors I chose for this mandala are dark blue, light blue, white and a greenish blueish kind og color.

I have to say that this project was really hard for me cause I didnt know first of all how to start it and the techniques that we needed to use weren’t as clear. I feel okay on how this project turned out, but I know I could’ve done better.


Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird

 This is my interpretation of the poem “Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird” by Wallace Stevens. In this project the objective was to create your visual interpretation of the poem, but you were only allowed to use letter forms. At first it was really difficult for me because I didn’t quite understood the meaning of the poem, but as I kept reading the poem over and over and research. I came up with this as my final project.