Neverending Story

This is my last project this semester. It was very interesting to review all my projects. I can’t say that I’m proud them. When I look at them , I see so many things that I would like to change, to improve. But I have what I have.


Exquisite Corpse by Inna Szedenko



Here is my 4th project Exquisite Corpse. I have to say that I had very unusual experience, because this is not only my work but also work of my peers. It was interesting, because I had no idea about I got. Unusual were also restrictions “No, only manipulate through adjustment layers, filters and blending modes.” 🙂

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Inna Szedenko

This is my interpretation of a Wallace Stevens’s poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”. It was a difficult project for me because I had never worked with letters in such a way before.
After I had read the poem for the first time, I did not really like it. But after I had spent a little more time trying to understand its rhythm and its mood, I found it quite special and beautiful. . I believe that everyone has his/her own interpretation of the poem. In this project I tried to pass my vision of the poem.